Bible Literacy Project

U.S. Market

The Bible and Its Influence is the only First Amendment-safe textbook in the U.S. that supports academic study of the Bible. Because of its broad acceptance in the educational community and its widespread use nationally, it has become the standard for academic Bible study in the U.S. It is also fast becoming the international standard.

The Bible and Its Influence has supported 140,000 students in 640 schools in 43 states. It has a 10 percent market share in six states: Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Legislation encouraging academic Bible study has passed in eight states: Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Arizona, and Arkansas.

International Markets

Entrance into the International Markets

Essentials in Education, parent company of Bible Literacy Project, is currently developing The Bible in . . . Series to show the Bible's influence on the founding of Australia, Korea, and India. Additional countries will be included in the future.

  • The Bible Down Under by Meredith Lake (now available)
  • The Bible in Korea by Dr. William Jeynes
  • The Bible in India: The Making of a Nation by Vishal Mangalwadi

All titles will be available soon in a digital format. Audio support will also be available for The Bible in India, both in the English and Hindi languages.