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Jay Walking with Jay Leno

Jay Asks Everyday Americans about Simple Bible Facts

Portrait of Jay LenoThroughout Jay Leno's career he has interviewed many people in his well-known "Jay Walking" segments.

The topics have ranged from history to law to current events and often, Bible knowledge.

The clips below are "Jay Walking" segments in Nov 1997 and March 2007 in which he interviews people about their Bible knowledge.

See for yourself how really little the average person knows about the Bible. Even the simplest questions stump most of the interviewees.

While these clips are lighthearted, Bible literacy is an important tool for students learning about literature, history and culture. Learn more about the effort to promote basic Bible literacy in American public schools.


March 2007 (click the green play button to start/stop) November  1997 (click the green play button to start/stop)

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